Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello and Goodbye

I know, I know. I tell you to stay tuned and then I disappear for a month and a half! I guess I should have just said adios last time, but I really did want to share a little more. I just want to pass on a few pearls of wisdom I gained before, during, and after the marathon. Who knows; maybe this will help future TNT'ers, or anyone who's about to run her first marathon! Or maybe I can look back at this in case I ever decide to run another marathon.

Here's what I advise:

1. Bring more engergy gels with you than you think you'll need. You'll probably calculate how many you think you'll need based on how many you used during your last training run. That's a good start, but bring extras! Please.

2. Bring something SOLID to eat. I know that this one might not pertain to everyone. Maybe you're OK with just the GUs. But I wasn't. I would have killed for something- anything- solid to put in my belly to get rid of that gross, empty ache. Maybe a ceral bar or something.

3. If you get hot, don't be afraid to ask the water volunteers to throw their water at you. They will happily oblige. In fact, they'll be downright filled with glee.

4. Be prepared to feel different- physically, mentally and emotionally- than you did during your training runs. Stomach issues and mental breakdowns may occur!

5. If at all possible, maybe try to avoid taking a 9-hour journey home afterwards. The red-eye back to Boston by way of San Diego the day after the marathon was uncomfortable and my knees ached the whole way and i couldn't sleep at all. And Chris and I both had crazy ankle-swelling for a good 24 hours afterwards! Ibuprofen and lots of rest helped with that.

6. Don't miss any spots when you apply sunscreen. You'll end up with a wacky tan.

Nothing in there that a little common sense wouldn't tell you, but I'll be leaving this blog up, mostly so I can look back and re-read it if I ever feel like it.

Thanks to all who have read this and supported me! It means a lot! Maybe I'll bring it back someday, if I ever DO decide to run another full marathon... As for right now, I'm signed up for a half-marathon in early October, as a TNT mentor. I haven't been training anywhere near enough, but I plan to step it up this week and start building up my mileage again.

Well, I guess that's it! Now I can say good-bye with a clear conscience!


Love and Best Wishes,