Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chris' Knee Update

Well, his knee is still hurting him. He had the MRI and it revealed a small tear in his meniscus tendon. Apparently that tendon won't heal on it's own, because it doesn't get enough blood flow to it for it to heal itself. So, surgery may be needed to repair it.

Chris asked his doctor if he should get surgery, and the doctor said he couldn't tell him yes or no. He might not need it, and it might not make his knee feel better. He told him that if he stops running, and the pain goes away, he might not want to have the surgery done. So, Chris is going to keep running for now, complete the marathon, and then... we'll see. In the meantime, he's been wearing a sleeve on it, icing it a lot, and taking lots of ibuprofen.

I'm really proud of him for not giving up. Obviously, I don't want him to over-do it and make his knee worse, but he's so determined to keep going!

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