Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pizza for a Cure!

You may have noticed that picture of a deep-dish pizza on the sidebar to the right. Click on it. Go ahead, do it! Now, see those tickets? Print them! Use them on May 28! Uno's is giving 20% of the sales for anyone who hands in one of those tickets on that date. That's one fifth! Not bad.... in fact, that's pretty awesome!

If you live anywhere near Braintree, or work near there, please eat there on May 28! Or if you know someone who does live or work there, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE forward the link to them! We need tons of people to eat there that day... or to order take-out!

All you have to do is eat delicious pizza to be a big help. and ss that a sacrifice? Ummm, NO.

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