Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Few Things

1. Like I mentioned before, I had to skip the 15-mile run last weekend. I haven't been running very much this week. On Monday I still wasn't feeling great. So I ran 4 or 5 on Tuesday (I still haven't mapped it out), then took Wednesday off. I'll run 5 or 6 tonight, but that's it. I have to rest on Friday if I want a shot at being able to run 20 on Saturday! I'm sort of feeling unprepared for that 20-miler because I haven't kept up with the mileage lately. But on the other hand, I think my hips, shins, ankles, and knees are happy with the rest they've had this week. So, we'll see what happens! 20 is the longest we run before our marathon. I can't believe it's here already!

2. Chris and I have just one fundraising event left! It hardly seems possible. haha... If you're in the area, come to Margaritas in Weymouth for dinner or drinks this Sunday, June 7. As always, 5% of your check will go to the LLS!

3. I'm going to miss out on running with the new South Shore team on Saturday. Chris and I are starting early and finishing late (20 miles is going to take a long, long time). I'm bummed, because I got to meet most of them briefly at kick-off and they all seem really cool. However, we have a whole summer to get to hang out!

That's about it for now!

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