Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Update

Friday night was my purse party. I'm happy to report that it was a big success! People bought over $1,000 worth of Tamara's adorable handbags, which means that over $250 is going to the LLS. I helped, of course, by buying several myself. ;-D

Saturday morning was Kick-Off for the new participants. Chris and I held a sign in front of the building and directed people inside. We got to meet our "mentees" face-to-face, which was great! They seem really cool and we're excited to start training with them.

Yesterday, Chris and I were going to run our scheduled 15-mile run together... but I had a cold! I felt slightly dizzy every time I stood up, so I didn't exactly think running was a good idea. Chris put on his new fuel belt, though, and headed out himself. He's such a trooper!

I'm feeling better now, which is good, since our big 20-mile training run is this coming Saturday! I want to be in good shape for that. I feel well enough to attempt my 4-mile run tonight... I'll just bring extra tissues!

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