Monday, June 15, 2009

Fundraising Goals? MET!

YESS!! Today is the fundraising deadline, and I'm happy to report that Chris and I have both reached our fundraising goals of $4,300 each! We got some very generous last-minute donations, especially one from a crazy guy named Tony! He came over to our apartment on Thursday night, asked how much more we needed to get to our goals (about $600 at the time), and pulled out $700 and gave it to us! He was prepared to go much higher, too. That is some intense generosity!

Since then we've received even more donations, and the money from Margaritas and Uno's hasn't even been applied yet. In total, I think we'll have raised over $9,350.00 together! I'm so proud of us and so grateful to everyone who contributed in any way to this great cause. THANK YOU ALL!

I'm also so relieved to be done with fundraising. Now all that's left to do is RUN. Speaking of which, I've taken the last week off, but I'm going to try a short run tonight. My foot is finally feeling better... I wish I could say the same for Chris' knee. He's still hurting, but as always, he's hanging in there.

The marathon is in less than two weeks. It's really almost here!

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