Thursday, June 11, 2009

Foot Pain & Fundraising

My left foot is still hurting me. It hurts to walk, but not every time I walk. It sort of comes and goes. Usually it doesn't hurt otherwise, but every once is a while I get a weird shooting pain along the side of it. I'm taking the week off from running, so I hope by next week it'll feel better. I have a wedding to go to this weekend, and I guess I won't be dancing much! Oh well.

Also, our fundraising deadline is MONDAY. As in, four days from now. EEK! Chris and I still need over $1,300 between us to reach our minimums... but really only about $600, because our fundraising event money (from the purse party and Margaritas nights) is going to be processed before our deadline. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the $90 we made from the Uno's night will come in in time, but it will still go to the LLS, so that's great. I was going to bake some cookies last night to have one last cookie sale at work, but we didn't have enough eggs and I was so tired after work last night, that I just let that plan die. Oops.

Well, that's about it for now! Have a good weekend! (I know it's only Thursday, but I have tomorrow off.) ;-)

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