Saturday, February 14, 2009

First Group Run

Hello All! 

Today is Valentine's Day, and to me and Chris, that meant getting up early and going for a run with our new training team.  Now, I don't mind admitting to the world that I am NOT a morning person, and that I am especially not a frigid-Saturday-morning person, so I was a little nervous about this first run.  I look forward to sleeping in on Saturdays all week long!  However, once I finally got out of my nice, warm bed (after a full hour of hitting snooze), had a cereal bar, and we met up with the team in Hingham, I felt surprisingly ready to go!   

Our coach Kristen led us all in some stretches and then told us how her former coach had recently lost her husband to cancer, so we ran in his honor today.  And we ran well!   There are people training for three different events at different times, and there are some people training for half-marathons, so the plan was for some people to run 2 miles, some to run 3, and some to run 4, but everyone must have felt as good as I did, because every single person ran 4 miles!   (I'd like to give special props to Chris, who is really just starting out as a runner)!

We then had a shoe clinic at the Greater Boston Running Company, which was great.  The store was only open to our team, and we all got 20% off all purchases.  Not only that, but the staff was extremely helpful in determining what kind of shoe was right for anyone who was curious.  I've always loved New Balance shoes and I ended up getting a new pair that will help with my over-pronating.  Chris happened to get New Balance sneakers too.  The Cappellas love NB!

That's about it for today... Be sure to add this site to your favorites and check back often!  Also check out the ElefhantWorks blog (Chris and his partner Gary have some pretty cool things to say, and I know Chris will be talking about the training from his point of view), and please, DONATE!  You'll be doing a great thing.  

Oh, and one more thing!

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Kerry J said...

Excellent! Say goodbye to your Friday nights for a while. But it's soooooo worth it! Thanks for keeping us updated.