Friday, February 27, 2009

Resisting the McNugget

I had a hair appointment last night right after work. It was badly needed; lately I’d been looking a bit like a homeless lady with rats nesting in my hair. (No offense to all of you homeless ladies with internet access.) Anyway, after my appointment, I was STARVING. It was past 8pm, after all. I was scheduled to run 3 miles but I thought, What harm could skipping one run do? No one could blame me for taking the night off. And no one could blame me for going to the drive-thru at McDonald’s for some delicious NUGS and fries. In fact, it would be madness NOT to do that!

So I got in my car and assumed drive-thru position (debit card already out of my wallet). But then the guilt started. Sure, you can probably run the 5 miles on Saturday without running tonight, but what if you can’t? What if running tonight makes a big difference? And really, you can’t go for a run because you’re too hungry? Maybe you’ve forgotten the whole reason you’re doing this crazy Marathon training thing, but it’s for cancer patients. CANCER PATIENTS! You’re going to turn your back on them for some Chicken McNuggets!?!?

AAAHH! OK, fine! I’ll run, I’ll run!

So I drove right past those golden arches and headed out for a run as soon as I got home, and I’m glad I did. It was much warmer out than it had been in a while, which made a lot of difference. Besides not feeling like I’m being constantly stabbed in the face by the biting wind, it was just easier to breathe and move. It was a nice run.

And after running, I was surprisingly not all that hungry, for once in my life! I ended up just having some hummus and corn chips for dinner. It may not have been the most balanced meal, but I think it was probably better for me than McDonald’s. Probably.

So the moral of the story is: Training for a cause (other than just getting in shape or whatever) really DOES get you motivated when you really, really, REALLY just want to pig out and watch TV!

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