Monday, March 9, 2009

Fourth Group Run

Saturday was “bring a friend to training” day, so my sister Kathleen came with us to run 6 miles! It was so warm and sunny out that morning! MAN, that was nice! I’d guess it was already in the low 50s at 8:00am….Perfect running weather, if you ask me.

Chris and Leenster both kicked butt, running the first 3 miles straight - at a really fast pace, mind you - and then mostly running the last 3, taking a couple of walking breaks. I ran the whole way, but my knees really didn’t like it. They were begging me to stop, but I told them to shut right up and I kept on running, albeit a LOT slower at the end!

Then during our 9-minute ab workout, my abs were SCREAMING at me. I better have washboard abs when this is over, I tell you what. Kathleen had just had an ab workout the day before with her personal trainer, so she took that time to have her gait analyzed and she bought some new running sneaks.

Yesterday we had perfect running weather again, but I had ice skating lessons, so I didn’t get out there. It felt a little weird to go ice-skating when it was sunny and 63 degrees outside.

That weather was such a tease….Today it’s freaking SNOWING, so it’ll be back to the treadmill once again tonight!

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