Tuesday, March 3, 2009

“I've felt the coldness of my winter… I never thought it would ever go.”

March really wanted to live up to its reputation of coming in like a lion this year, so it dumped about a foot of snow on us yesterday. Just when you thought spring was on its way! Oh well. Our Team In Training mentor, Kate, recently advised us, “between a plow and a human, the plow will always win!” So, I took that to heart and last night I headed to the gym and the safety of the treadmill.

Now, I am weird in that I don’t really mind the treadmill. Sure, I’d rather be outside. And yes, I think some treadmills totally LIE about how fast I’m going (I swear I was running WAY faster than 5.1 mph last night!). But overall, it’s not such a terrible experience. As long as I have my iPod, I’m golden. I even look forward to running on the treadmill lately, because in an effort to be safer, I’ve stopped listening to music whenever I run outside in the dark by myself. And when we go on group runs, we talk, plus I don’t think they’re really “allowed” by TNT. So, since the group runs are my only daytime runs these days, I never use my iPod for outdoor runs!

Last night it was Led Zeppelin, “Houses of the Holy,” to be exact. LOVE IT! The 3 miles flew by, even though I SWEAR TO GOD IT FELT LIKE I RAN ABOUT 8 BECAUSE I WAS GOING SO FAST ON THAT @*^&#*! TREADMILL!

Did I say I don’t mind the treadmill? Hmmm….

Anyway, we set the clocks ahead this coming Saturday night! Can you believe it? That means it’ll still be light out when I get home! So, I’ll probably start listening to tunes again while I run outside. Woo hoo!! I mean, I can only take this whole “safety first” thing so far.


Anonymous said...

I so enjoy reading this Jeanne. You are a good person & a great friend to Danielle. I love you!! Best of Luck. Heather

Jeannie said...

Aww, Thanks Heather!!!! ;-) Love you too!

Anonymous said...

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