Friday, March 27, 2009

Martha Stewart Would Cringe

Speaking of being busy, there are a few things that might happen when both members of your household are working full-time, training for a marathon, and using most of their spare time organizing fundraisers and begging for donations:

1. Your apartment might become even messier than it usually is. Cleaning will only happen when you know people are going to be coming over, or it’s too offensive to look at any longer. Or something starts to smell.

2. You might not have the energy or the inclination to cook after going for a run at night, so you might start to live off of frozen skillet meals and whatever places nearby that deliver. (I’d like to give a shout-out to Stouffer’s, Bertolli, and of course, Little Duck!)

3. Laundry might pile up, and you’ll only do a load mid-week so that you have enough running clothes to get by.

4. You might tell yourselves you need to buy more running clothes so you won’t have to do laundry mid-week, but then you’ll take forever and a day to get around to going to the store to actually purchase said clothes.

5. You might have a six-pack of beer in the fridge for well over a month and a few bottles of wine hanging around, completely untouched. This is unnatural, I know. But it might happen.

6. You might have to re-arrange your schedule for your whole week just to make plans to go out for a drink with a friend one lousy night after work.

7. You might be a redneck. (What?)

Busy and tired as you may be though, it will be completely, 100% worth it. You will feel so accomplished! Each week, you’ll feel more and more like a runner, and with each dollar you raise, you’ll know you did some good.

And really, who cares if your place is a pig sty most of the time? Messy is the new black.