Friday, March 20, 2009

Running Buddies

I often enjoy running alone, listening to my iPod and going at my own pace, but sometimes it really helps to have a running buddy.

Last night, for example, I really didn't feel like doing anything. I was tired, my throat was sore, and I had run the previous two nights, so I thought my knees and shins could use a break. However, when I told Chris I was thinking of skipping my run he told me, "OK, I'm still going." He wasn't being judgmental or scolding me or anything; he just said it in a very matter-of-fact way, to let me know his plan. Somehow though, it gave me a little kick in the pants. I asked him if he thought I should just rest if I thought I was getting sick, and he reminded me that when he had a cold a couple of weeks ago, it didn't seem to hurt him any. Of course now I couldnt' be a wimp and skip running when I was feeling a tad under the weather, remembering that he hadn't!

So, we both went for that run, and I got to return the favor, in a way. When we were about two thirds of the way done with our route, Chris told me I should take the key to the apartment, which he had in his pocket, and run ahead, because he needed to walk for a while. I told him no way, he had to keep running. And he did!

I think having each other to rely on to give us a little push when we need it is really a huge advantage.

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