Thursday, March 19, 2009

Practice Runs

Our TNT mentor, the marvelous Kate, advised us that it would be a good idea to do run in some big races before we head to Seattle in June,to see what it’s like. I’ve run in a couple of 5k’s, but nothing big. So, Chris and I signed up for Boston’s Run to Remember on May 24. This is a half-marathon through the city of Boston. We chose this one because it happened to coincide with a weekend where we are supposed to run 13 miles anyway, according to our training schedule, and also because it's ultra-convenient!

Then, Kate said she’d signed up for a 10k in Cohasset on April 5, so I signed up for that too. This one’s also close to home and should be gorgeous. Eek, it’s so soon though. The distance should be just fine, but I need to start running faster! Not that I want to win or anything, I just don’t want to come in LAST. I’ve been trying to run fast (well, as fast as I can) during some of my 3-mile weeknight runs, but I have to find a pace I can maintain for 10k.

So, now I have a 10k in April, a half-marathon in May, and a marathon in June!

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