Monday, April 13, 2009

April #@%-ing Showers

Kristen cancelled our Saturday morning run this weekend because the weather was supposed to be too nasty: cold, wet, and windy. Chris and I wanted to get our long run over with, and knew we'd be too busy to run the following day since it was Easter and we had plans to visit both families. So, we put on our raincoats and headed out. And got completely drenched. And got pelted with sleet.

We had planned on running 11 miles, but somewhere along the way we decided to just turn around and head home, and I think if we both had gone home from there, it would have been about 7 miles. But then we split up and I ran ahead and decided to go a bit further, so I ended up running 8.1. Chris had the same idea, but he ran even further than I did; probably between 9 and 10 (he hasn't mapped it out yet). When I got back to the apartment, I changed into dry clothes immediately, made myself some tea and wrapped myself in a blanket. It took me hours finally to get warm!

Having run 8.1 miles sopping wet, I will say this: I really really REALLY hope it doesn't rain on Marathon day! That was the longest I've ever run out in the rain and it wasn't exactly the best time.

But on the bright side, at least I didn't have any chafing!

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