Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lame Training Week

Like I said, I skipped running on Monday AND Tuesday, opting instead to sit on my butt and shove food into my face.  

Well, at least I went to the gym last night.  Pilates was tough and I loved it. as usual.  After Pilates though, I tried running on the treadmill for the first time in ages... and I HATED it.  I was so bored immediately!  I couldn't even do it.  I ran about 2.5 miles and gave up.  Music wasn't helping.  Knowing I should get in a longer run wasn't helping.  Making myself feel guilty wasn't helping!   

I never used to have that problem.  I know a lot of people do, but usually I can just zone out and listen to my tunes and power through (even if it's not that much fun and I get in fights with the treadmill in my head because I think it's lying to me).  The boredom last night was so intense, it was making me ANGRY to be on that thing!  I guess I've really become accustomed to running outside only.  

Tonight I went on a nice 5.75 mile outdoor run, and felt like myself again, thank goodness.   At least I got one respectable run in this week.

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