Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eighth Group Run

Today, Chris and I were scheduled to run 11 miles, but since we're running in a 10k tomorrow, we decided to run 8 miles with the people training for the half-marathon.  In fact, Lorri was the only one on the team today who ran more than 8, and she got up even earlier to get a head start!  Props to her.  As if starting at 8:00am isn't painful enough...

So, anyhoo, the run went well.  The sky was looking a little nasty, but aside from one quick sprinkle, the rain held off.  Woo hoo!  We've really been lucky so far.  However, Kristen says she's determined to get us prepared for running in the rain and getting all chafed.  Uh...sounds like a total blast!

After the run and some ab exercises, we went over to Panera, then went back on over to HQ (Greater Boston Running Co.) where we got to hear from a nice nutritionist named Melanie.  She answered lots of good questions and I now know that half of my plate at meal-time should be veggies, 25% should be protein, and 25% should be carbs.  Until a week before the marathon, when I should up the protein.  And then a few days before, I should start upping the carbs.  I think?  Oh man, I already forget.  But I DO remember lots of stuff she told us!  Stuff about how to eat and drink during the race, and how much to eat before, and how long before, and what to eat afterwards to help prevent the post-marathon cold.  She said drinking coffee before running has been shown to help, and it won't dehydrate you, but only to try it if you're used to coffee.  She said to eat the yolks in eggs.  She talked about eating "goo" during long runs.  I've never tried those before, but it's time to start experimenting.  

After that, Chris and I had some errands to run, including picking up the softest, nicest bathrobe that ZuZu's Sisters in Hingham donated!  I'm making a pretty sweet spa gift basket and including the bathrobe in it; it's going to be one of the raffle prizes for Acoustic.   I love making a fun gift basket!

And now it's nighty-night time, since I'm exhausted and I need my rest for the Cohasset Road Race by the Sea tomorrow.  Chris, Kristen and Kate are all doing it too, and so are my pal Jenny and her dad.  The forecast is looking good and I'm not feeling too achy (aside from some weird hip joint pain... that's a new one for me), so I'm really looking forward to my first 10k.  I hope to finish in under an hour... but of course I won't beat myself up f I don't.  

Stay tuned for an update on the race.  Maybe I'll even post some pictures.  This blog needs some photos to add PIZAZZ! 

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