Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ninth Group Run

Yesterday morning we met in Hull instead of Hingham.  Our teammate Lorri lives in Hull and was nice enough to let us use her house, even thought she wasn't there yesterday!  So, we got to have a great change of scenery.  The route was nice because we got to run along the water almost the entire time, and it was beautiful out, for the most part.  The day started out warm and sunny, then gradually got cloudy and cool, but luckily the rain held off, aside from a few drops here and there.

13 miles wasn't as bad for me as I thought it was going to be.  Actually, I felt (and still feel) quite good!  I did, however, work up and INSANE appetite by the end.  Chris brought along some PowerBar gels, which he said tasted just like chocolate frosting.  He wasn't particularly fond of them.  I brought along nothing, which I now know I can't do anymore!  When the run was over, I ate not one, but two bagels with cream cheese that our fantastic mentors brought for us.

Also, we stopped a few times for water and stuff during the run, and I found it harder than usual to stop and then start again.  My legs and knees thought they were getting to stop, and let me know that were not happy to be moving again!

Chris is having really bad knee pain now.  He's thinking of going to see a specialist.  I really, really, really hope it helps!

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