Friday, April 17, 2009

Spa Gift Basket

When ZuZu's Sisters donated the softest, prettiest bathrobe ever, I was so excited!  When we went to pick it up, they'd put the gorgeous pink and white robe in green tissue paper, and it looked so good, we were going to just raffle it off that way.  But then I couldn't resist buying some extra goodies to go with it, and making a luxurious spa gift basket!   

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!  I really want to keep it all.  Maybe I'll buy some raffle tickets and give it a go at Acoustic for a Cure next week, where this will be one of the prizes!  

Here's a pic of the bathrobe that I found online... Once I got it in that gift basket, there was no taking it out.  It's in there until the lucky winner takes it home!  

In other news, one of my Team In Training teammates, Christine, was featured in the Pembroke Express!  

Go Christine!

In OTHER other news, I'm supposed to run 13 miles tomorrow.  Because of the insane rain and wind last week, I only ran 8.  The week before that, I also ran 8, because I wanted to "rest up" for my 10k the next day.  SO, the most I have run is 10 miles.  I really don't feel ready for 13! 

Oh well.  The Red Sox just tied up the game, so I have to go watch that now.  Good thing, since this entry is officially all over the place.

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